Berries, Icy taste, Liquorice

Collage Art E-liquid BLUE- Obvious Liquids
Iceberg straight ahead

The chemistry is perfect, with rare clearness. The iceberg is moving forward with confidence over the cobalt sea. So clear and so dark, there is a disturbing ballet of blue hues... The sky reflects the depth of such vast and quiet water, as the ripening fruit at the sun. The elements combine to create a masterpiece. A work to be rediscovered with amazement. It is there, it has always been.

Fiole 10ml E-liquid BLUE
Small size
  • Ready to vape - 10mL
    Can depend of your country
  • Concentrated - 10mL
Fiole 60ml E-liquid BLUE
Large size
  • Concentrated - 60mL
  • Shortfill - 50mL
  • Longfill - 10mL

Your 60ml bottle has to be full: the aromas' concentration of the liquid has been calculated according to the total volume of the bottle.

  • Shortfill : Add 10mL base or 1 booster
  • Longfill : Add 50mL base or 5 boosters
Packaging E-Liquid BLUE Obvious Liquids

100% Made in France and sucralose free production

Obvious' recipes are elaborated and controlled in France by the leading French manufacturer of e-liquids with French aromas.